Protective Systems

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Kelly Loading Dock Accessories


Protective Systems

Eliminate avoidable costly repairs to your building, stationary plant equipment and fixtures, in your warehouse and at your loading dock.

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  • FLEX-BACK™ Panel is the answer to common lower door panel damage, which is one of the most frequent and costly maintenance problems in today’s busy warehouses.
  • Sentry Rail™ High visibility and structural integrity provide needed protection throughout your facility.
  • Sentry Rail LT™ Highly visible visual barrier to protect your equipment and personnel.
  • Trak-Sentry™ & Z-Guard Your solution to overhead door track repairs caused by lift trucks during loading.
  • Bollards offer protection for loading docks, door jams and other in-plant areas susceptible to a moving vehicle collision.
  • Column Protectors stop serious structural damage to I-beams and columns from lift truck impacts.
  • Bumpers provide maximum protection against vehicle damage to the dock leveler, building walls, restraint and seals/shelters.
  • Wheel Guide directs the truck into the correct position at your dock.
  • Visual Barriers provide an economical alternative to enhance loading dock safety
  • Section Saver™ stops overhead doors from drifting down into the door opening and into the way of the forklift masts.
  • Security Gates secure receiving doors, doorways, garage and service doors, hallways and entrance ways without sacrificing visibility or air circulation.